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2020-11-30 [69127]

7.Facebook was voted the best company to work for in 20137 . 2013,Facebook是最向往的公司,Zuckerberg Has indisputably changed the internet with his hyper-succutablyFacebook the workplace is not doing too badly either . in 2012,Facebook employed 4,619 people and came in third on the list of the best companing扎克伯格和他的超级光滑公司毫无疑问,Facebook的工作环境也不错。2012年,Facebook共有4619名员工,在“最佳办公企业”(the list of the best companies to work)排名第三。但是在2013年,扎克伯格和他的公司排名第一。

职员们将办公室的桌上足球、年度电子游戏节(video game day)和乒乓球视为工作的奖励。Facebook在生孩子或领养孩子后,为了满足家庭所有支出市场的需求,不会为单亲员工获得4000美元的补贴。facebooks campus is laid out like a small village and includes a bank、a dentist、a doctor、a gym、a barber shop和dry cleaners SushiPlenty of work to do,The learning potential and The ability to set your own hours with little interference from management . there are no cubiclesFacebook的办公室明确表示,在小村庄、银行、门诊、体育馆和体育馆的工作人员在Facebook工作比利润更能决定优先股权、提供食物、扩大工作、培养自学创造力和自主工作时间。


霍华德,It is not all sunshine And likes at one of the worlds most famous tech companies . employees cite that the politics in the office can be very intenss and it is true that Facebook has had problems recruiting top tech talent in the industry . this could be due to the relaxed atmosphere that some peops sime 职员们提到办公室的政策很强硬。特别是外来压力大幅减少后,政策变得更加严厉。有人指出,产品开发的设计实施得太晚,需要在产品开发过程和整个组织中创建更强的管理组织机制。



6.Facebooks Logo And Interface Are Blue because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color Blind 6 Zuckerberg has often Remarked that the reason Facebook is blook Zuckerberg has re-green colos And he learned that he had this common condition after taking an online test . red-green color blindness is the those with a moderate form of red-green color blindness will only be able to correctly identify 5 colored pencils from a standard box of 24 pencils Lor (威廉莎士比亚、脸谱网、脸谱网、脸谱网、脸谱网、脸谱网、脸谱网)他的家也用不同深度的蓝色和米吨装饰。扎克伯格参与一项在线测试后,发现自己患上了罕见的红绿色盲。红绿色盲是最罕见的色盲症,不影响人对整个色谱的分辨力,区分红色、绿色、橙色、棕色、紫色、粉红色、灰色时再次出现恐慌。



色盲症大部分是从母亲那里遗传的,也可能是疾病、衰老、药物副作用的结果。5.aaron so rkin was listed as zuckerbergs favorite directoruntil he wrote the social network 5。

在ARen Solkin 《社交网络》出现之前,扎克伯格最喜欢的剧本作家zuckerbergis a private guy and doesnt like having his private life displayed by people who arent a part of it,Especiallythe screen play was written by aaron so rkin of west wing fame . sor kins style is known for being hign Quippy and full of melodic speeches . but,zuckeet扎克伯格不讨厌向外人展示自己的私生活。特别是讨厌被扭曲自己的私生活。

以作品《白宫风云》 (West Wing)闻名的阿伦索尔金撰写了电影剧本。他的剧本一贯以故事情节和轻松情节的风格而出名。

但是扎克伯格在很多采访中指出剧本的明显错误对他造成了损失。剧本围绕Facebook进行,即使不梳理3354扎克伯格,也能为女性过上工作生活,丰富、生动、有趣。扎克伯格坚定地说,在现实世界中,他自己写一次代码需要几个小时,但他意识到,这种个人魅力足以占据好莱坞。Zuckerberg always liked aaron so rkin,and he was even listed on Zuckerberg s Facebook page as a favorite director . but,after the film wat zuctor a golden globe And a BAFTA for his screen play . so rkin admits that he would not want a film made about the things that he did when he was 19 either,And he 扎克伯格仍然讨厌阿伦索尔金,并在Facebook的个人主页上被列为最喜欢他的作家。



Facebook was not zuckerbergs first invention 4 .Facebook不是扎克伯格的第一个发明者Zuckerberg began to use his fathers computerAt around 10 years old.his father,ed,Was an early advocate of the digital future And bought his first hard drive in 1984 . he gave his son prograte.他的父亲是早期数字时代的支持者,1984年买了第一个硬盘。他教扎克伯格关于Atari的编程,并为四个孩子每人配备一台电脑。


作为学霸,马克已经开始编制节目,他曾通过连接家和办公室的电脑编制节目,让家人互相发送信息。家人叫它雅克网。While in high school,mark created the synapse media player,Which is an app that uses artificial intelligence to read a users listening habilityback in the day,reviews of the app said that is was a very innovative media player。

although a bit buggy . users found its brain feature to be amazing and that while it is slow going while it is first learning the users music taste, after a while it becomes very impressive . AOL and Microsoft both took notice of the design and tried to convince him to join their ranks while he was Still 高中的时候,马克制作了利用人工智能的应用程序——。它可以阅读用户的观看习惯,并推荐符合他们音乐喜好的歌曲。


(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视连续剧),音乐)美国在线及微软都注意到了这个设计,并试图说服马克重新加入球队,但马克选择了自由地回到学校读书。马克拒绝接受他们,自由选择不去哈佛接受高等教育。


For all of the support,both educational and financial,that marks father gave him,he gifted him 2,000,000 shares of Facebook which他因为父亲对经济和教育的反对,给了父亲200万美元的Facebook股票,市值为6000万美元。